Project: Beachcombing Tidal Forecasts (v. 0.1)

Finally, I’m launching an initial version of my roboticly assisted series of beachcombing tidal forecasts. My idea was to take the NOAA tidal predictions and match them up with NOAA weather forecasts. And further cross-reference those with solar positioning calculations since you probably wouldn’t want to go beachcombing in the middle of the night.

Initially, I was only going to get tide predictions as far out as I could get hourly weather forecasts, however, I ran into a little bit of an issue: there are long runs of days where the low tide isn’t really all that low, so I added on an extended tide outlook to cover 21 days. I’m currently uploading them manually, but I should have the posting process automated within the next few days. I’m also planning on adding a lot more locations.

Leave a comment if I’m using the wrong tidal station for a particular spot or you’d like to see one added to the list!

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